for adults

We offer individual counseling and group programs for adults seeking help with mental health issues or addictive behaviors including:

Prime for Life® and Prime Solutions® Programs 

Prime for Life® and Prime Solutions® are the most effective prevention and intervention programs this team has ever encountered. The factor that differentiates these programs from many others is that it is driven by each participant's values. Genna and Elizabeth facilitate the process of helping clients to identify and articulate those values, then tailor the curriculum components accordingly. They relish offering families and individuals genuine hope through these proven paths to wellness. For that reason, clients may participate in individual or group sessions.

Prime for Life® is our evidence-based program designed to reduce lifetime risk of substance abuse problems. Participants learn to embrace change and possibilities through this non-judgmental program. Courts will often refer clients to Prime for Life® for offenses such as DWI, DUI, possession, and public intoxication. 

Prime Solutions® is a substance use treatment program in collaboration with several leading addiction experts. This program can be used concurrently with Prime for Life® or as an aftercare program. Participants learn to put evidence-based change theories into action. The focus, based on the latest brain research, is on goal-setting, dealing with ambivalence, coping with cravings, and how to change perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. This program includes  12-step research based sessions designed to shift participants' thinking patterns to more healthy and "normal" functioning. Like Prime for Life®, courts trust this program to support clients' sustained progress toward making low-risk choices.

We help clients remain hopeful while teaching them new strategies for coping. Our ongoing programs combine over 25 years of experience with the best evidence-based research available on progressive and creative ways to help clients feel better and enjoy long-term health and wellness. 

Prime for Life® and Prime Solutions® are available for individual or group sessions. 

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