The Prime for Life® Program 

Our goal is to fill your family's toolbox with knowledge and resources, insulating your teen from harm. In the Prime for Life® program, your family will:

  • Discover why a family history of substance abuse correlates to a teen's increased chances of following suit.

  • Identify the personality traits most commonly associated with alcoholism.

  • Learn the reasons teens don't typically perceive their alcohol consumption as problematic.

  • Become familiar with "trigger levels."

  • Navigate the telltale signs of high-risk decision-making.

  • Find out how teens can reduce the risk factors in their lives.

  • Get the facts on marijuana, its impact on drivers and how addictive it really is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The small group sessions are held twice a week for 5 weeks. Please click here for more details about our upcoming classes.

Is it possible to complete the program via individual sessions instead of with a group?

Yes. The cost is per session. 

How is Prime for Life different from other programs?

We teach participants to recognize and manage lifestyle choices and decrease their risk from alcohol and drug related health issues over their lifetime. The sessions are designed to help participants reflect on their choices while lowering risk and protecting what they most value.  

What can participants expect from the program?

During the first session, each participant will undergo a dual-diagnosis assessment to identify each participant's motivation to stop using alcohol and drugs. It will also detect mental health issues like ADHD, depression and anxiety which may contribute to high-risk lifestyle choices including alcohol and drug use. 

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