for teens & families

If you think your child is beginning to experiment with alcohol or drugs or you are concerned he or she is at risk for substance abuse due to other behavior and mental health issues, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. We offer several evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs, as well as individual and family counseling and coaching. 

During our first visit, we will learn about your story, answer questions, and help you decide on next steps. We will also administer an assessment to help identify issues such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety which may contribute to high-risk lifestyle choices including alcohol and drug use. Our team will help contract simple short-term compromises between parents and teens that can set the tone and aid in easing tensions.

  • Prime for Life® is our evidence-based prevention and intervention program designed to reduce lifetime risk of substance abuse. Participants learn to embrace change and possibilities through this nonjudgmental program. Please contact us for scheduling and financial details. Our groups are 10 sessions in length and begin every 6 weeks.

  • Prime for Life®  parent support runs simultaneously with the teen group. Parents may opt to receive private guidance or participate in one of our parent groups. The Inspire Programs team walks parents through the  curriculum, which enables parents to reinforce key concepts at home and stay plugged in to their teen's progress. Parent session participants also develop ongoing family alcohol and drug abuse support plans. These plans lay the groundwork for parents looking to influence their teen's choices, ease his/her resistance, and increase openness to change. Parents learn "what to say and how to say it" in order to affect long lasting changes in teens' perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. This program is 4-6 sessions in length and it begins every six weeks. Click here for scheduling details.

    As a result of these programs, our clients walk away with a mastery of skills to better manage anger, depression, anxiety, problem solving, communication, assertiveness, and boundary setting.

  • Launch: Life Skills Coaching for Children  and Teens
    While our therapy sessions are designed for clients who are struggling with intense emotions, painful relationships and addictive behaviors; our life coaching sessions are designed for clients who are ready to get clarity, make a plan and take action. Research shows that youth who internalize healthy coping strategies early in life fare better than their peers who are left to figure things out on their own. Launch programs will coach children and teens on:

Each group or individual session will be customized to the participant's needs and draw on a number of dynamic psycho-educational curriculums and practices. Please contact us for scheduling and financial details.